Ask about our grout replacement service in Poughkeepsie & Newburgh, NY

Grout is the substance between your tiles that keeps them in place and seals in your flooring. It's notoriously hard to clean because it's porous, but maintaining clean grout helps you maintain a healthy environment. If you have stained, broken or peeling grout, it's time to turn to Dans Kitchen & Bath Renovation And Tiling.

During our grout replacement service, we'll remove and replace any stained or cracked grout from your home or building. By replacing the grout, you can keep your space clean in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, NY or the Tri-State Area. Contact us today to get a grout replacement service estimate.

Repair your cracked grout

Repairing grout is simple when you have the right tools. During your grout repair service we'll:

Clean the grout with a cleansing solution
Use a grout saw to remove the damaged sections
Clean up the broken pieces of damaged grout
Mix the grout powder with water to create a paste
Use a grout float to fill in grooves with new grout
Wipe away excess grout to make it flush with the floor

We'll replace any stained or damaged grout in your home or facility. Call 845-656-0755 now to schedule an appointment for a grout repair service.

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